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    All American Shelters is a small family owned business in Denison, Texas. Our goal is to bring you the BEST in self sustaining tornado shelters, bunkers and underground safe rooms.
    Each of our Shelters are handcrafted and personalized to fit our customers wants or needs and provide peace of mind in case of an emergency situation for you and your family

  • All shelters are made from DOT certified galvanized,
    corrugated, steel pipe for 50 year service life.

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IMG_1273 Storm Shelter PLUS!

Storm Shelters PLUS are smaller versions of the bigger full blown NBC/Fallout Shelters. More affordable/small shelter with the same quality as the bigger shelters. All with under floor storage and can be set up the same way as the bigger Shelters with electrical, running water/water storage, plumbing and vented waste tanks. Just on a smaller scale. Our... Read More

IMG_0886 All American Shelters NEW Video

  Check out our first TV commercial!  We want everyone to know that we use ONLY top quality material and products here at All American Shelters! Our Shelters are as American as you can get. We use only “Department of Transportation” (DOT) certified material that has a 50 years service life! Bulkhead’s are made of 3/8″... Read More

IMG_1030 We buy local and American Products!

Made in the USA We have come use to looking for a sign(s) like this for every product and material we put into all of our Underground Shelters.  We go out of our way to purchase products made only in the USA. It is hard sometimes and almost impossible to get certain items. Rest assured that everything and anything we can get “Made in the... Read More

s1 Stay Safe in the Worst Disaster: Livable Bunkers, Survival Shelters, and Underground Storm Shelters

Even in the best of times, you may need a safe place to hide from disaster. This is why bunkers and survival shelters are a useful and valuable investment. Take a few moments to consider the practical uses of these units. In the past, livable bunkers were reserved for those individuals who were waiting for the Russians to drop an atomic bomb, but... Read More

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  • Quality….

    We specialize in Life support and sustaining life in a dangerous environment. All shelters are assembled by Saturation Deep Sea dive technicians, so you know they're built right and built for life.

  • We create one-of-a-kind bunkers and underground shelters for families who want to have an added sense of security should disaster strike. Contact us to learn more about buying your very own fall out shelter.

    All of our Shelters are custom made to fit our customers’ specifications. If you would like to purchase a fall out shelter for your family, contact us. We will work closely with you to create a bunker that meets all of your unique needs. We want our clients to be comfortable with the underground shelters they purchase, so you can be as involved as you would like in the process. All of the bunkers that we make are crafted from DOT certified galvanized, corrugated steel pipe that has a 50 year service life. Additional Epoxy paint can be added for a 100 year life span!

  • ALL of our shelters are made and assembled in the USA.